Student Assistance Programs

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The elementary counselors offer a range of services for students in grades K-5.  These include group activities as well as individual counseling.  

  • Specialized Counseling Groups:  Friendship and social skills, divorce/family separation, study skills academic, anger management, special interest groups for kids, military deployment
  • Classroom Guidance Lessons:  character education topics, academic success, bullying prevention, leadership talents, career exploration
  • Individual Counseling for Students:  anxiety, behavior management strategies, social skills, academic issues, family and emotional issues

The middle school counselors are available to provide support for academic, social and emotional challenges that students encounter while being a middle school student.  We can discuss friendships, class scheduling, family and personal issues that students may deal with.  We also address drug, alcohol and tobacco issues that may arise during the school year.  We provide classroom guidance lessons, individual counseling and build the school master schedule and schedule students in classes.  We are available during the school day, but usually try to schedule visits with students during lunch, encor and for 6th graders during mini-courses. 

The high school counselors office is full of helpful information, scholarship applications, Drivers' Education info, pre-college curriculum, graduation/enrollment requirements, job search, financial assistance, transcript request, KSHSAA eligibility, etc. To learn more click Maize High School Counselors or Maize South High School Counselors.